Hydro-vac Services

Hydro-vac excavating is the safe, non-destructive option for digging in and around sensitive infrastructure. Using high-powered vacuum and high-pressure water systems to remove dirt and soil, hydro-vacs eliminate the risks posed by traditional, mechanical excavating methods – ensuring everyone goes home safe at night!

Hydro-vac excavating is rapidly becoming the industry norm for safe digging, enabling quick and efficient daylighting of existing pipelines and other buried utilities. Hand-digging and risky hot-digging with backhoes are a thing of the past thanks to hydro-vacs!

And although most of our clients hire us for our daylighting and potholing expertise, our hydro-vacs are also capable of much more. Newhook Trenching is routinely hired to trench, steam and/or flush clogged and frozen conduit, dig out power pole and anchor holes, dig piling holes, provide directional drill support through slurry/mud removal, as well as general debris removal and clean-up where a vacuum is the method of choice. Our trucks are capable of digging in excess of 30’ deep and can dig in locations up to 200’ from the truck using our 6” remote hose. Basically, if you want it sucked up, we can do it!

Newhook Trenching uses the best-made hydro-vacs available on the market, relying on industry veterans and recognized leaders Westech and Vactor to supply our fleet. We have both tandem and tri-axle trucks available so we can fit any hydro-vac need you have no matter how big or small. If needed we also have a fleet of tow-behind hydro-vac trailers from Ditch Witch should space and/or access be limited.

Try our hydro-vacs today! They are a cost-effective solution that reduces your risk and increases your productivity.