Turn Key Construction Services

Newhook Trenching is a civil utility construction contractor with over 10 years of experience building for all the major telecomm and power providers in southern Alberta. We have developed a sterling reputation for commitment to safety and quality and can take your project from design to completion.

Incorporated in 2002, Newhook Trenching Ltd. is a versatile, profitable utility construction company that operates with an emphasis on safety and build quality.  The company is privately owned, steadily growing into the reliable business entity it is today. Newhook Trenching’s stable leadership ensures our ability to provide customers with our exceptional service for years to come.

Servicing Calgary and Southern Alberta, we have successfully completed industrial and commercial contracts in several areas of the underground utility construction and maintenance industry.  While having originally focusing on developing our expertise in building telecommunications infrastructure, our reputation and unique capabilities have attracted many new customers in the power, gas, and even water and sewer fields over the last five years.  Newhook Trenching’s commitment to continual development of the business and our personnel has lead us to embrace these opportunities and resulted in a broader knowledge and experience base which we use to provide our customers with expert-level service.

Newhook Trenching continues to develop and maintain an extensive fleet of state-of-the-art equipment, striving to incorporate the most advanced construction methods in use in the shallow utility industry.  At our disposal are horizontal directional drills, hydro-vac trucks, and a wide range of traditional excavating equipment from mini-excavators to rubber-tired backhoes to 13-ton track excavators.

Dedicated diversification has given Newhook Trenching an ability to do what few of its competitors can: namely, operate almost completely independently to complete a project, providing us the ability to respond quickly and effectively to our customers’ demands, especially in an urgent-need situation.  Not having to rely on a third party’s availability allows us to deliver emergency services regardless of the circumstances.

Continued commitment to directional drilling in particular puts it at the forefront of our business, resulting in Newhook Trenching becoming a premier drilling company in the shallow utility industry in southern Alberta.  Currently we have a fleet of nine directional drills in a range of sizes which allows us to meet almost any need and to function effectively regardless of ground conditions.

Along with our drills we have four hydro-vac trucks, which gives us uncommon build schedule flexibility plus the ability to provide clients with the lowest project costs possible by eliminating one of the costliest third-party elements of underground utility construction.

Newhook Trenching is capable of, but not limited to: directional drilling, hydro-vac excavating, backhoe/excavator and bobcat services, vibratory ploughing, jack hammer/rock hammer capabilities, gravel truck services, mainline trenching, construction of conduit systems, as well as fibre optic cable installation.  We are well versed in the backfill process and have compaction equipment designed to meet all municipal compaction standards.  Newhook Trenching also offers full rehab services including soft surface, asphalt, and concrete restoration.