Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is a cutting-edge trenchless technology used in the civil/utility construction industry that allows for maximum installation efficiency with minimum surface ground disturbance.
Hydro-vac excavating is the safe, non-destructive option for digging in and around sensitive infrastructure. Using high-powered vacuum and high-pressure water systems to remove dirt and soil, hydro-vacs eliminate the risks posed by traditional, mechanical excavating methods - ensuring everyone goes home safe at night!
Newhook Trenching is a civil utility construction contractor with over 10 years of experience building for all the major telecomm and power providers in southern Alberta. We have developed a sterling reputation for commitment to safety and quality and can take your project from design to completion.

Incorporated in 2002, Newhook Trenching Ltd. is a versatile, profitable utility construction company that operates with an emphasis on safety and build quality.  The company has been privately owned for the entirety of its existence, steadily growing into the stable, reliable business entity it is today.

Servicing Calgary and Southern Alberta, Newhook Trenching has successfully completed industrial and commercial contracts in several areas of the underground utility construction and maintenance industry since its inception over ten years ago.  While having originally focused on developing its expertise in building telecommunications infrastructure, the company’s reputation and unique capabilities has attracted many new customers in the power, gas, and even water and sewer fields over the last four to five years.  Newhook Trenching’s commitment to continual development of the business and its personnel has lead it to embrace these opportunities and resulted in a broader knowledge and experience base which it uses to provide all its customers with expert-level service.